MCCB Siemens 4P 250A-40kA / 3VL3725-1EJ46-0AA0

Thông Số Cơ Bản

  • Mã Hàng MCCB Siemens: 3VL3725-1EJ46-0AA0
  • Dòng Định Mức:250A
  • Điện Áp Làm Việc:380VAC
  • Frequency (Hz) : 50Hz / 60Hz (tần số định mức


Article Number (Market Facing Number)3VL3725-1EJ46-0AA0
Product Descriptioncircuit breaker VL250N standard breaking capacity Icu=55kA, 415V AC 4-pole, line protection Electronic Trip Unit TM, LI In=250A, rated current IR=200…250A, overload protection, II=1200…2500A, short-circuit protection N unprotected without auxiliary release without auxiliary/alarm switch
Product familyNot available
Product Lifecycle (PLM)PM400:Phase Out Started
PLM Effective DateProduct phase-out since: 01.10.2016
Price data
Price Group12N
List PriceShow prices
Customer PriceShow prices
Surcharge for Raw MaterialsNone
Metal FactorLBO—–
Delivery information
Export Control RegulationsECCN : EAR99 / AL : N
Standard lead time ex-works5 Day/Days
Net Weight (kg)3,328 Kg
Product Dimensions (W x L x H)Not available
Packaging Dimension162,00 x 241,00 x 123,00
Package size unit of measureMM
Quantity Unit1 Piece
Packaging Quantity1
Additional Product Information
UPCNot available
Commodity Code85362090
LKZ_FDB/ CatalogIDLV10.1
Product Group3740
Country of originGermany
Compliance with the substance restrictions according to RoHS directiveSince: 01.07.2006
Product classD: products made to order / customer’s specifications, requiring engineering services, which cannot be re-used or utilized (design to customer)
WEEE (2012/19/EU) Take-Back ObligationYes
REACH Art. 33 Duty of Information
Not available

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